Keep your kimchi happy!

Once open, store in refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks. Ensure kimchi is submerged under brine. 

How to eat? 
First Week 
Fresh kimchi is delicious on its own! Eat as a side dish with rice and noodles. 

Second Week 
Your kimchi is starting to get more sour. You can still eat it on its own (i do!!) or you can use it as an ingredient for the following dishes:

Third Week & Beyond 
We call this 'old kimchi' and your kimchi is now 'ripe' and full of flavour. It's probably not advisable to eat it as is (but please go for it if it's your jam) and now is the perfect time to use your kimchi as additional flavouring and taste. I usually keep a jar of 'old kimchi' in my fridge and please don't throw away the brine!! ALL OF IT IS GOOD. 

As always - if you have ANY questions re your kimchi, what to do with it, I love love talking about food so feel free to reach out via Instagram or send me an email at 


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